When I first started blogging i didn’t really care about it…. But now I’ve improved in my writing and I have gotten more into it and learne how to blog so it has gotten more interesting! Although it still not my favorite thing to do I’ve have gotten used to it…. The only thing that gets into the way of blogging is homework! Like all the history projects and science test! Ugh!

But I will say that I have became a better writer by blogging! Like I’ve learned how to put paragraphs into my blogs and how to spell stuff. I’ve became a lot better writer by blogging! Look!👇


7 grade🐰

Oh  7th grade! It has its bad and good! But it has some very Ugly like….

Ugh the school bell rings witch is the song of first period beginning . Ugh then you get all sweaty and have to get all dolled up again! There are good things and bad things I’ve learned in 7 grade. Some good things are the friend and fun times! But the bad stuff is the homework. Ugh I’d rather take staar all day then doing homework. Oh 7 grade!

The ugly about 7th grade is Having to run around the school to get to your class so you wouldn’t be tardy. And those teachers who tell you your late and you already know! All the homework that surrounds you! Getting all stress and upset when you don’t understand the homework. Or the lesson. Having friend problems. But worst waking up at 7:30am and looking like a zombie. Oh 7 grade!

Ahh summer! The smell of sun screen. And not the smell of lockers and the sight of papers with words! If I had to retake 7 grade agin I probely wouldn’t. 7th grade did have some good in it. like I did get to know new people and become better friends with the kids in my classes. And I’m glad I did because my life wouldn’t be the same without them!

But overall I guess 7 grade was okay….. But boy summer is the best!


I think leadership is great! It can help other people in many ways. It’s not that it’s being bossy it’s just showing where to lead! Leadership can be used in many different ways. And some people like to be the leaders and some like to be the followers! Like maybe a friend who makes the decisions and the other friend comes along!

I love to lead things! It’s fun and hard at the same time because you have to accommodate to what people like. Like the president is our leader of the country and it’s hard for him because he might not do what people like him to do. Some people love him and thinks he makes the right choices for our country. While others don’t agree with him all the time. It’s hard to be a leader!

Leaders can be used for good or bad. Like there’s some bad leaders in the world like Hitlor! He was a mean a bad one! But some like Rosa Parks where good leaders and showed people good examples and a good influence! A leader can be anyone in the world. But your only a leader if someone follows!


One of my favorite poems is from the book- “Oh The Places You’ll Go!” By Dr.Seuss. It says, And you will succeed? Yes! You will indeed (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.) the book is about where you’ll go in “life” over hills and tress and many streets that you will have to decide where you will go.

This poem shows whatever path you take you can succeed and you will succeed! I love the book but also love the poems and rhymes it comes with. I think everyone should read the book and they will find how great and fun it is to read this book. Dr.Suess is a famous at hoer for kids and writes kids books.

This poem has a lot of quality if you look hard enough! So you will always succeed in life if you’ll put your best in everything that you do! And go read a book today from the author and find amazing and fun poems to read!

My favorite movie

My favorite movie in the whole wide world when I was little was “Ice-age!” It was so funny and interesting when I was little! I mean it’s still really fun to watch, but I loved that movie with all my heart when I was younger!

Ice-age was one of the best movies that came out that year! I can remember watching it with my brother over and over again until we couldn’t stay awake any longer! The movie would give us something to do all day when we had NOTHING to do!

Ice-age will always have a place In my childhood! I will always remember thoughs silly parts in the movie that made am smile when I was little like when Syd the sloth looking thing ate the LAST dandelion. I still love and think the movie was funny… But I adored it when I was younger!

Week #3: Favorite Quote🎅🎁

My favorite quote is really special. It reminds me that everyday is a new and different day. That each day is a gift so live it like it is. My quote is “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and to day is a gift , that’s why they call it the present.”

It’s a really nice and good quote to remind you that everyday might bring something new! I like it because it shows that today Is a present and live it like it is a gift from god. You never know when that “gift” will be taken away. If yesterday was a bad day…. Well then that’s history. And tomorrow will be a mystery…. You never know what it might bring!

This quote has taught me the value of life. And that just not to give up and today is your gift! And that’s the greatest gift of all! It’s a perfect quote for anyone. No one could have given you a better gift!🎁 LIFE!💝🙏

Challenge #2 My favarit place!


The fresh air in your face! And the water just right! People laughing and having a blast! Lake Austin is really fun!

The motors of the boats rumbling up and starting to catch some air!Everyone smiling and waving to each other as you past by on you boat. People dancing on he boat as the music roars out of their speakers! I love the lake just because of the Atmosphere there and all the friendly people!

Also going on the water tubing really fast as you try not to fall off as the waves try to knock you off! Up in the air and banging down on the water trying not to let go and get swapped into the water! But if you do get knocked off just sit there and wait for the boat to come pick you up!

Lake Austin is the way to go! Once you go the first time, youll have to go again! Its such an experience to watch the water flow and the white clouds that look like yummy whip cream drift past the blue silky sky! AUSTIN LAKE is the best!

photo credit: Lake Austin. Digital image. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Mar. 2014.


I love the beach! I love to see the waves tumble over each other and the sound of the rumbling sea!
There’s so much to do at the beach!
You can swim with your family or go hang gliding way up in the air with the wind and birds!
Scuba diving is always a fun thing to do! You get to go under water and watch the fish glide through the water.
Also the beach is a good memory for me, that’s where my cousins and family come and We go swim and just hang out with eachother!

Evan and addi🙈🎀

Dinosaurs scattered around the back yard. And barbies in pink tutus lying around the house. Even though Evan and addi fight, they are still sweet and adorable!

The soft giggle of 3 year old Evan running around on the trampoline bouncing high in the air as his yellow and green toy trucks go up with him when he bounces!

The sight of 7 year old Addi putting dark red lip stick smeared up her cheeks! Addi wanting to put some of the bright pink eye shadow on me! Trying to draw a perfect horse for addi while I bit my lip and try not to mess up, since she loves them!

Addi and Evan always fighting over who gets to play with me and who gets to jump on the trampoline with! Evan tickling his fingers over my skin while he says- “there’s a spider on you”

I can’t wait to see addi and Evan! Their home is like my second home! They are the cutest!💕


The bright sun and the green grass! I can’t wait for summer! Summer is the best!

I love summer! I love to go outside and see the birds flying and the sun gleaming down on me!
The night smell of summer and the full white moon looking down at me!

All my favorite cousins coming down to my house to swim in the pool and have my dad BBQ us some yummy burgers with melted cheese coming out!

Going on vacation to the beach and around the world traveling with my family! But Sitting on the annoying plane while baby’s kick and cry! But once you get there, oh the relief it is once you get where the sun shines and winds howl!

And also there’s NO school! Going to bed late around 3:00 am and waking up at 4:00 pm in the bed listening to the trees rustle in the wind is so relaxing. And no homework! No more making my eyes Have bags and being stress about homework!

I want it to be summer! Summer is amazing!😍